The future is regional

Worldwide transport problems due to Corona

The impact of the Corona virus is enormous. Global logistics has been hit particularly hard. Due to initial supply bottlenecks from China, many workers in the logistics industry were forced to take jobs elsewhere. 

The transportation situation has shifted over the past two years due to labor shortages and deviation from the usual shipping routes. Before Christmas, ships carrying $24 billion worth of goodsim Wert von 24 Mrd Dollar  were stuck in traffic off Los Angeles. In addition, some goods are in short supply at certain ports while the same goods are jammed at other ports. 

Due to the circumstances described above, the price for a container from China to Germany has increased fivefold within the last 2 years and our delivery times are difficult to plan.

Our understanding of regionality

Not only because of the current transport situation, we want to increase our focus on regional products and goods in the future in order to reduce the effects of such a crisis situation. We also want to increase transparency by disclosing the origin of our products. 

The origin of the raw material is relevant on the one hand, and the main processing method on the other. We have localized both for the concept of regionality in Europe. Raw materials that are produced and processed in Europe are therefore referred to as regional. 

​Advantages of regional products

The focus here is on minimizing transport problems, as is currently the case. In this context, we can also increase our reliability through regional products. 

In addition, the carbon footprint of regional products is significantly better. By saving on transport routes, CO2 emissions can also be reduced at the same time.

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