Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions:

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Powder extract



Liquid extract



Essential oil

Ätherisches Öl


Water soluble



Cold water dispersible



Cold water soluble


Do you have minimum purchase quantities?

There is a minimum purchase quantity of 25kg for most products. 

Can you provide samples?

We are happy to provide samples after testing and acceptance of the specification.

Are you certified?

Yes, we are organic and HACCP certified

What documents do you provide with an order?

As a rule, we deliver the data sheet together with the offer. You will also receive the certificate of analysis with the delivery.

What are the delivery times?

The delivery times of our products depend on the requested product and the global logistical situation. We stay in close contact with you during their delivery and communicate transparently.

Quality assurance
How do you ensure a certain quality?

We have developed our own quality assurance system in which we evaluate our suppliers according to various criteria. These include aspects such as reliability, communication, analyses and the quality and accuracy of documentation. In this way, we can ensure that our products have a high qualitative standard from which we and you can benefit.

How do you choose your suppliers?

Here, too, we have developed our own evaluation system, which we use to select our suppliers. We also ask for certifications and compliance with certain EU directives.

Are you a german company? 

Ja, wir sind ein deutsches Familienunternehmen in der ersten Generation. Unseren Sitz haben wir in Hamburg und sind 100% Inhabergeführt. 

Are you certified?

Yes, we have been DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 certified for the first time since the end of September 2023.