Raw material processing

Survey results

To improve our cooperation, we recently launched a survey. We wanted to learn better how the raw materials, mostly powder extracts, that we supply to our customers are further processed, what proportions of the final product they have, and other topics.

Now we would like to share with you the most important results:

End products

Our customers mainly produce capsules with the raw materials (60.2%), but the raw materials are also used for tablets or powders (38.5%). Not surprisingly, considering that more than 90% of the raw materials supplied are powder extracts.

Extraction agent

Powder extracts always require an extractant which, among other things, influences solubility. 69.2% prefer water as the extractant. For 38.5% the extractant of choice is ethanol and for some the extractant is rather less relevant.


When we asked about the use of carriers, the majority of our customers indicated "none" or "maltodextrin".


Our raw materials should be soluble in water (more than 10%) (more than 80%). For 18.2% of the respondents, solubility in water (10%) is sufficient and 18.2% would like solubility in ethanol (more than 10%). For 9.1%, solubility in ethanol at 10% is sufficient.

Share in the end product

For the majority, our raw materials have a share of less than 5% in the final product. This is probably due to the fact that we mainly supply extracts with a high proportion of active ingredients, which then have a low share in the end product, but are of great importance for the labeling. 

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