Support for the metabolism, liver and kidneys

Plants and fungi that are more than just weeds

In a month's time it will be that time again: Christmas. For most people, this also means enjoying Christmas sweets, good food and alcohol. 

During this time, our liver and kidneys have a lot to do to remove the excess toxins from our body.

Fortunately, Mother Nature has provided for us and given us some plants and mushrooms that support our metabolism, liver and kidneys. 

In Europe in particular, we have many plants that are often seen as annoying weeds and yet seem to survive everywhere. Nettle and dandelion seem practically indestructible and that should tell us something about these two plants.

In China and Japan, on the other hand, certain plants and medicinal mushrooms have been used to promote health for several thousand years. It can be seen that there are regional differences in which inhabitants are significantly more or less affected by certain diseases. Researchers attribute this to the increased intake of certain mushrooms that grow and are eaten in these regions.

Here are some plants and mushrooms that support the metabolism, liver and kidneys. Of course you can also order them from Plants2Market.

  • Milk thistle - supports the regeneration of the liver.
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  • Dandelion - can stimulate the bile and kidneys and supports the increased elimination of metabolic waste products.
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  • Nettle - contains substances that can inhibit inflammation and have a diuretic effect, allowing metabolic waste products to be excreted more quickly.
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  • Fenugreek seeds - can stimulate digestion and urine flow, allowing harmful substances to be excreted more quickly.
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  • Reishi - also known as the "mushroom of immortality". It is the classic medicinal mushroom that can help detoxify the liver and boost the metabolism, among other things.
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  • Shiitake - is not just a delicious edible mushroom. It can protect the liver and lower cholesterol levels.
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  • Maitake - supports the metabolism and can prevent fatty liver. Our products
  • Cordyceps sinensis - supports the kidneys (and blood pressure) and ensures that more uric acid and creatinine are excreted.
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We look forward to your inquiries and wish you a wonderful pre-Christmas season.


For legal reasons, we would like to point out that some of the above statements require further research and studies to prove them scientifically. Therefore, not all statements can currently be recognized by conventional medicine.

The author

Nicole Zufelde is a trained nutritionist and naturopath for dogs and cats and has been working in Logistic & Purchase Management at Chem2Market GmbH since August 2023.


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